Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital sets up COVID-19 vaccine center for health care workers

The Food and Drug Administration has issued the first emergency use authorization for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.
News 12 New Jersey was given a first-hand look at how Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital will vaccinate thousands of its front-line workers. There are 5,000 heath care workers at the hospital who will be given the vaccine next week.
To accomplish that task, operations has set up a vaccine clinic in the same place that they tested every employee for the virus – located in what is known as the courtyard inside of the hospital.
Hospital vice president Lydia Stockman showed News 12 the partitions designating the vaccine stations.
“We have five right now. We can add one more,” she says.
Each employee will be given an appointment for their first shot. They will enter, sign in and be offered a chance to learn more about the vaccine.
“They will go to a vaccine station where they will get their injection and then from there to an observation station where they will have to stay for 15 minutes,” Stockman says, adding that each employee will be monitored to see if they have an adverse reaction.
Special refrigeration was purchased to accommodate the Pfizer vaccine, which must be stored at very cold temperatures. At the courtyard, there are reminders to socially distance and keep wearing their mask even after getting vaccinated. And while the vaccine may not be mandatory Stockman says they are excited.
"For our team members, this is really significant. They welcome it, they want it,” she says. "We are extremely proud of being able to stand up this clinic as we have and to administer that vaccine safely and to as many people as possible."
After each employee is vaccinated they'll get a card with a date for their second shot.
New Jersey has been told the first order for the entire state will include 76,000 doses, but hospitals don't yet know how many they'll receive.