Ringwood residents upset over death of 4 bears cubs usually spotted around town

Some members of a Passaic County community are upset over what it believes to be an illegal bear kill.
Residents in Ringwood say that four bear cubs that were often spotted in town have been found dead.
Community members often posted photos and videos of the cubs on social media. The cubs were often seen with an adult bear.
But a photo posted recently shows the cubs laying in the woods, with the mother bear standing over them. The cubs appear to be dead.
Many in Ringwood tell News 12 that they often see bears and do not mind the sightings.
The Department of Fish and Wildlife says it has received the complaint of the dead bear cubs and is investigating. They cannot confirm if the bears were illegally killed.
This incident comes as state officials unanimously approved to reinstate New Jersey’s black bear hunt. This was due to the uptick in bear sightings. But despite the hunt being approved, bear cubs under 75 pounds would be off limits.