Retired Rangers legend Glenn Anderson mentors for Throggs Neck Hockey League

The Throggs Neck Hockey League is just two months old, but is getting support and training from retired New York Rangers player and six-time Stanley Cup Champion Glenn Anderson. 
Anderson came out to coach the youth team on Sunday as part of the Junior Rangers program, which helps young players develop their hockey skills. 
Corey Levine, founder and CEO of the Throggs Neck Hockey League, said they reached out to the Rangers. 
“They got back to us pretty quickly. It’s been taking off from there,” Levine said. 
Levine, Anderson, assistants from the hockey league and the Rangers helped to setup the equipment, played and trained the children. 
Although the children do not know who Anderson is, the parents do and they appreciated it. Anderson took the time to take photos with the children and their parents. 
“It’s just wonderful to have someone to look up to,” Nunzio Calce said. His son plays on the team.  
Anderson thinks the league is doing a fantastic job. 
"It's the help that really is key for the kids to get their success and get their chance to come out here and play," he said.