Restoration efforts continue in Somerset

Restoration efforts continued in Somerset County Sunday as many people remained without electricity after the two recent nor'easters.
Some of the main power lines are restored, but on the winding roads and quiet side streets of Somerset County, there are pockets of people without power.
Crews from as far away as Florida and Alabama have been brought in to help JCP&L restore power.
On one street in Basking Ridge, News 12 crews from the D.C. area. JCP&L says the thousands of customers who were still in the dark Sunday should have their power back by late Sunday night.
JCP&L calls the 6,200 utility workers, assessors, contractors and dispatchers to restore power "a small army." Convoys have been rolling down roads, and dozens of tree trimmers from Ohio who were hired to help out have occupied a local motel, rolling out at 2:30 p.m. and working through the night until 6 a.m.
JCP&L officials say they have already brought power back to half a million people, replaced 700 utility poles and 1,800 spans of wire.