Residents frustrated over long lines, capacity restrictions at Edison MVC

People looking to check MVC items off their to-do lists once again faced long lines on Saturday, this time at the location in Edison.
The lines have become part of life during the pandemic at Motor Vehicle Commission locations across the state. More than 300 people waited in the rain and chilly temps in Edison.
Some waited for over eight hours, with 115 walk-ins permitted on Saturday because of reduced staffing. Around 200 people were left out in the cold.
MVC officials recommend booking your license renewal appointment online. But some who spoke with News 12 say they tried to book their appointment online only to encounter a variety of errors on the website, forcing them to wait in line for hours.
Some people made several attempts waiting outside hoping to make the cut -- and some are becoming so desperate that they're ready to pay others to wait in their place. On Facebook Marketplace, one person was charging $85 be a line-sitter at the Edison location.
While the state has made changes over the last several months, the problem continues to grow as several locations throughout New Jersey remain closed due to COVID-19.
The locations currently closed due to coronavirus include Rahway, Springfield, Salem, Medford, Newton, Lodi, and North Bergen.
All MVCs are closed for the holiday Monday.