Residents explore Great Falls of Paterson in freezing temps

One New Jersey attraction is drawing crowds out into the chilly weather over the weekend to discover nature's treasures.
The 77-foot Great Falls of Paterson freezes most winters, after several days of bone-chilling temperatures. People are braving the elements and flocking to the historical site. 
The frozen falls help some residents discover a part of New Jersey they didn't even know existed. The Great Falls of Paterson is the second-largest waterfall on the East Coast and the center of America's first planned industrial city. 
"Paterson was the first planned industrial city and the silk capital of the United States, but it actually started because of a gentleman named Alexander Hamilton who founded us in 1792, and the history went on from there," says National Park Service Ranger Ernie Hernandez.
The Great Falls of Paterson became a protected National Park in 2009.
There is no admission fee to view the falls, which is open every day.