Residents call to change state vaccine programs as Johnson and Johnson vaccine approved

Essential workers, people of color and many senior citizens have been struggling to get a COVID-19 vaccine appointment - and calls for change are increasing as Johnson and Johnson's vaccine was approved for emergency use.
West Orange resident Todd Gorham tells News 12 that he cannot get his mother, 75-year-old Joan Gorham, a preschool staff member, and his father, an 86-year-old clergyman, a vaccine appointment.
As seniors like the Gorhams struggle to get vaccinated, state Sen. Paul Sarlo is proposing that New Jersey press the reset button on its vaccine rollout, saying municipalities should be in charge of the single dose rollout to make it more accessible.
Sarlo, who is also the mayor of Woodridge, says other mayors support his distribution idea and being the chair of the Senate budget community in the state.
He is in close contact with Gov. Phil Murphy to communicate the idea.