Rescued mastiffs arrive in NJ from China

A pair of Tibetan mastiff pups arrived in New Jersey Thursday after they were rescued in China.
Tibetan mastiffs used to be popular in China, but the fad has since faded. Many of the dogs are now abused, abandoned or sold to the dog meat trade.
Wayne-based Gentle Giants Rescue and Sanctuary is working to bring some of these dogs over to the U.S. where they can be adopted by loving homes.
“There’s a need for rescue and awareness for these beautiful dogs,” says Gentle Giants president Candace Bright. “In one of the shelters, there’s over 1,200 of the Tibetan mastiffs.”
One of the dogs, named Karma, will be going home with a family in Phillipsburg.
The other dog, named Lars after the Metallica drummer, will be staying at the rescue and will need to be adopted.
More information about the Gentle Giants rescue can be found HERE.