Republican state lawmakers file challenge to State House COVID-19 policy

Republican state lawmakers have filed a court challenge to new COVID-19 entry policies enforced at the New Jersey State House.
Those new rules went into effect on Wednesday. The rules require all visitors, employees and legislators to either show proof of having the COVID-19 vaccine or a negative COVID test to enter the building.
Democratic state Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin is also providing rapid tests as an option for lawmakers only.
But Republican lawmakers have taken issue with the new rules. Republican State Assemblyman Hal Wirths told News 12 New Jersey that the rules were unconstitutional.
Coughlin said he will deny entry to any lawmakers who do not comply with the policy. But the non-partisan Office of Legislative Services said arresting a state legislator for lack of compliance would “violate the New Jersey Constitution.”
The first voting session under the new rules is scheduled for Thursday.