Report: New Jerseyans reported 51 UFO sightings in 2018

Is the truth out there?
New Jerseyans apparently reported 51 UFO sightings over the last year, according to the National UFO Reporting Center, which compiles a list every year.
One such sighting in October brought a lot of calls to the News 12 New Jersey newsroom. The “unidentified flying object” in question turned out to be a drone used by the Union Township Police Department.
Other sightings include one in Fredon Township in February. A person reported “resting in bed before falling asleep” and seeing “strange, very bright lights in the tree line” that appeared to move straight up.
An Emerson resident reported a “silver, metallic sphere tumbling and spinning and moving at a steady speed” this past June.
There was another sighting in Old Bridge, back in October.
There were two UFO sightings in the Garden State just this past December. On Dec. 7, four oval-shaped lights were reported moving slowly in the sky just after sunset in Branchburg. And on Dec. 10, a “bright, linear light that quickly disappeared” was reported in South Amboy.
The center has been compiling reports of unidentified flying objects since 1974.
A full list of all UFO sightings in New Jersey can be found on the National UFO Reporting Center website.