Report: Judge will allow taped confession in Sarah Stern murder case

A Monmouth County judge will allow into trial the alleged taped confession of a man accused of killing his childhood friend in order to steal her money.
The Asbury Park Press reports that Superior Court Judge Richard English ruled that Liam McAtasney’s confession to killing Sarah Stern seemed boastful and did not seem to have been coerced by police.
McAtasney’s attorneys wanted to have the confession excluded from the trial. They say that their client’s rights were violated because the acquaintance who recorded the video was acting as an agent of the police.
McAtasney is accused of strangling Stern in order to steal money that she had recently come into. McAtasney and his friend and roommate Preston Taylor then allegedly threw Stern’s body off the Route 35 Bridge into the Shark River below.
Taylor pleaded guilty to his role in the crime and is expected to testify against McAtasney.
Stern’s body has never been found.