Report: 95% of New Jersey’s rivers, streams are 'impaired'

It has been 50 years since the Clean Water Act was passed. It promised all U.S. waters would be “fishable and swimmable” by 1983.  But now it's 2022, and a report from the Environmental Integrity Project shows pollution in waterways across the country are so polluted that they have been classified as “impaired,” meaning unsafe to use. 
Swimming and recreation, aquatic life, fish consumption and drinking water all apply.  
It's not good news for those getting ready for the summer recreation. 
This also applies to more than half of lakes, ponds reservoirs and a quarter of bays, estuaries and harbors. 
New Jersey ranks second with the highest percentage of rivers and streams impaired at 95%. 
Delaware ranked first at 97%, and Hawaii ranked third at 91%.