Repairs continue on latest water main break in Hoboken

Officials in Hoboken say there have been 17 water main breaks in the city since June 23.
An eight-inch line has been repaired at Hudson Street and Hudson Place, and repairs continue on a 12-inch-line around the corner on River Street.
Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla says Suez is to blame, while Suez says it's time for Hoboken to replace the outdated water lines.
Mayor Bhalla says Suez Water is at fault, arguing one of its construction projects is causing all the breaks.
Suez Water argues it's an outdated infrastructure and Hoboken needs to see that it’s replaced.
The mayor declared an emergency to investigate the water main breaks and threatened to file a lawsuit against the company based on its findings.
He also threatened to re-bid the work being done by Suez Water.