Rep. Pallone optimistic both sides of aisle will agree to presidential impeachment if article is introduced

The House could introduce articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump as soon as Monday.
Rep. Frank Pallone says this time around, impeachment efforts are different and more urgent because of what unfolded on Wednesday at the Capitol.
Pallone was in D.C. Wednesday afternoon and saw the event firsthand.
The House could introduce articles of impeachment this week, and there might be a chance for a trial in the Senate even after Inauguration Day.
"Hopefully, there'll be a two-thirds vote in the Senate to accomplish that. I know a lot of Republicans now, unlike a few years ago, feel very strongly that they would be willing to convict him and vote for that," says Pallone.
He says because of the violence from last Wednesday and the potential for threats the days ahead, more are agreeing on the decision ahead of articles being introduced potentially this week.