Reopening of Bound Brook’s Main Street delayed until Thursday

The opening of a portion of Bound Brook’s Main Street has been delayed until Thursday.

News 12 Staff

Feb 12, 2020, 3:44 PM

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The opening of a portion of Bound Brook’s Main Street has been delayed until Thursday.
It has been one month since a massive fire destroyed several buildings near John and Drake streets. This area of Main Street has been closed ever since the fire while the remains of the buildings are torn down. The road was supposed to reopen Wednesday evening, but the mayor says that the opening was pushed back for safety concerns.
"We're not happy with the protection they put up for the road, so the contractor's going to have to redo the protection at some point in time. But tomorrow morning, starting at 8 a.m., we're going to clean the road, we're going to take four hours to clean it. We'll double-check it with our Public Works Department, make sure the road is clean and open it at noon,” says Mayor Robert Fazen.
Fazen says that there were some concerns with having vehicles traveling on the roadway while cleanup was occurring.
Local business owners tell News 12 New Jersey that they will be happy to see the road reopen, because the closure has deterred some people from driving in the area, impacting sales.
Fazen says that once the two apartment buildings are torn down, they will be rebuilt, along with more buildings. He says that security will also be increased in the area for buildings that are under construction that have flammable materials.
Bound Brook resident Juan Hector Padilla is facing arson charges after he allegedly set fire to one of the buildings. The fire quickly spread to several other buildings. No one was hurt.
Fazen says that he will make sure that nothing like this ever happens again in Bound Brook.

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