Remembering Justice Ginsburg: How she inspired students at Rutgers Law School

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has a connection with New Jersey that will last for generations to come, spending part of her career by teaching students at Rutgers Law School in Newark.
"I think there is a lot of us who came to law school and are pursuing a law degree specifically because of her," says third-year law student Erin Sweeney.
Ginsburg devoted her life to fighting for justice and equality and inspiring others to do the same. It was the Ginsburg way to instill core values in her students, reminding them to never take no for an answer.
"Right now, our law school is 51% female, and so all of that attributes to the fights that Justice Ginsburg led as a lawyer with the women's rights project,” says David Lopez, co-dean at Rutgers Law School.
Lopez says Ginsburg is always a topic of discussion during orientation.
Ginsburg taught at Rutgers from 1963 to 1972, telling her female students not to settle.
"Not only I as a black woman has benefited, but humanity has benefited, and she opened doors, and I was one of them who was fortunate to get through those doors,” says Rutgers Law School alumni Marilyn Ford.
Ginsburg would tell them you can have it all -- you could be a wife, you could be a mother, you could be a professional, adding to not let anyone tell you have to pick and choose.
Students and faculty say Ginsburg's legacy is felt on the campus each day and will continue to inspire and shape the next generation of lawyers to come.