Refrigerated truck stolen from Lodi food pantry recovered

A refrigerated truck stolen from a Bergen County food pantry has been found.
The truck was stolen on Monday from Table to Table’s headquarters in Lodi. It was found in another company’s parking lot on Tuesday.
Table to Table provides meals to people in need throughout northern New Jersey. Hurricane Ida destroyed the organization’s entire fleet of trucks last September. They have been using rental trucks ever since.
"With us, it's not like, ‘OK, we lose a day of business, profits might be a little lower during the period of time that the truck isn't there.’ That's not it. People need to eat, every single day. And without a truck and without our being able to bring that food, in many cases, they can't,” says executive director Ilene Isaacs.
The truck has water damage because its window was left open during Monday’s rainstorm. The thief abandoned it and hasn't been caught.
Anyone who may have information is asked to contact the police.