Red flag warning in effect statewide. Here are the risks to be aware of.

Conditions combining across New Jersey have led to a high risk of wildfires, and a red flag warning is in effect Thursday because of the danger.
The State Forest Fire Service says 99% of all wildfires in New Jersey are caused by people, which means to stay extra vigilant and be aware of the conditions.
If you look at the trees at Allaire State Park in Monmouth County, they still don't have a full leaf canopy. The strong sun combined with low humidity and gusty winds will dry out the forest --ground fuels dead leaves and twigs.
The red flag warning encompasses all of the state -- the northwest mountains, beaches, bay shores and pinelands. A discarded cigarette or an ember from a campfire or fire pit can spark a disaster.
The State Forest Fire Service says nine out of 10 homes destroyed in New Jersey wildfires are the result of embers traveling through the air.  
“The growth right now is soaking up a lot of water, so everything is dry,” says Monmouth County Fire Marshal Fred Migliaccio. “Ground covers dry out and allow for the fire to travel. We are conscious of it. We fear the fact when we hear fires get reported because we know with this wind it will take off on us.”
April is peak wildfire season in New Jersey. Once we obtain full leaf out, that risk drops dramatically.