Realtor sign washed away by Superstorm Sandy turns up in France

A New Jersey realty sign that was washed away by Superstorm Sandy has been found nearly six years later, thousands of miles away.
Diane Turton has been in the realty business for 53 years. Her Diane Turton Realty signs can be found all over the Garden State. She says that one of her signs was found in France.
“I got an email from our relocation department, who got it from this person, Hans, in Bordeaux,” Turton says. “I thought, ‘Is this a joke?’”
Diane Turton Realty marketing director Perry Beneduce says that they were able to trace the longitude and latitude of the email that came in and cross-reference it with the person who sent the pictures. Beneduce says that they were able to determine that the sign came from a home in Brielle.
“So it went to France?…My God, that’s crazy,” says the homeowner Doug Shaw.
Shaw says that he never knew about the sign and that he bought the house right after Superstorm Sandy.
Turton says that she hopes to get the sign returned to her so that she can frame it as a memento. The realty company sent Hans, the man who found the sign, some T-shirts in the hopes that he will agree to send the sign back to New Jersey.