Real estate sign washed away by Superstorm Sandy back in New Jersey

A real estate sign from the Jersey Shore that was washed away during Superstorm Sandy is back in the Garden State.
Jersey Shore realtor Diane Turton was shocked when one of her yard signs was found on a beach in France back in May. It had floated away more than five years earlier, but based on the number on the sign, Turton believes it came from a house in Brielle.
Turton believes the sign apparently traveled 4,000 miles through a creek and out the Manasquan Inlet before going into the Atlantic Ocean and making its way to France.
This week, Turton flew to France and met the man who found it.
"I was overwhelmed by the reaction," said Hans Frank, a Belgian tourist who became fascinated when he saw the sign on the beach. “I never anticipated anything like this.”
The sign is now a point of pride at Turton's company. They've even made replica pins of it.
"Once we vetted it and made sure that indeed it was a true story--we went and had the signs made," said Perry Beneduce, of Diane Turton Realtors.
Turton now says a New Jersey museum wants to display it.