Rat infestation closes AMC Theaters at Newport Mall in Jersey City 

Jersey City’s AMC Theaters in Newport Mall has closed due to a rat infestation. 
City officials told News 12 New Jersey that a city inspector closed AMC Newport Centre 11 on Wednesday due to a rat infestation. Eleven theaters make up the complex.   
The theater owner was cited for the presence of rodents and multiple outer openings allowing rodents an entry source. The owner has been fined a $100 inspection fee that is owed once all the violations are abated.   
The area is known for rat-related problems. Going forward, the property must be treated by exterminators once per week. A follow-up inspection will take place on Sept. 29, and an inspector will determine the next steps depending on the findings and if the conditions are rectified. 
A note on the AMC website for the theaters at the mall reads, “We apologize for the inconvenience, but this theatre is temporarily closed due to unforeseen maintenance. Please continue to check back here for updates.” 
News 12 reached out to mall and theater representatives but has not received an official comment.  
Neighboring Hoboken has distributed 3,000 new trash cans after an ordinance was passed requiring residents to place their trash at the curb in containers that are tightly covered in an effort to alleviate rat-related issues.