30 volunteers from Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity help rebuild Bound Book woman’s home

A Raritan Valley group is doing all they can to help rebuild a home for a Bound Brook woman.
The Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity told News 12 they have 30 volunteers in rotation to help rebuild Eileen Strasko’s home.
Strasko was displaced from her home due to Hurricane Ida, almost losing the house she’s lived in for almost 50 years.
“The water came up so high,” she said. “I’ve been here 50 years, and we've never had such a bad flood. I really didn’t know what I was going to do."
Strasko has other issues working against her. She is losing her eyesight and is unable to walk without a walker.
“I’ve tried to get up the stairs and my legs collapsed,” she added. “Thank god for door handles. I was able to pull myself up. I can’t stay in that hotel any longer. I’m running out of funds.”
Soon enough, she will be returning to a brand new home, thanks to help from Habitat for Humanity and State Farm.
“When Eileen reached out to us, she was in really dire straits,” said Jessica Abbott, Homeowner's Services Manager. “It took a great group effort from volunteers, staff and State Farm. We replaced all the electrical service, all of the plumbing, all of the heating systems.”
State Farm also provided Strasko money for her car after she also lost that during the storm.
“I just love them all,” said Strasko. “I can’t believe how generous they are. So willing to work. It's better than family.”
People looking for help or more resources can be found here.