Rapper Cardi B claims new home is in New York. It’s actually in Tenafly

Rapper Cardi B, the queen of hip-hop, announced to her 116 million Instagram followers that she bought her dream home in her home city of New York. There is one small problem with that – the home is actually located in Tenafly, New Jersey.
Cardi B is the latest in a long line of New Jersey deniers who seem to be embarrassed to admit that they live in the Garden State. She joins the likes of the New York Giants and New York Jets, who are actually headquartered and play in New Jersey. And even articles about the best pizza in the country being in New York – but is actually from a New Jersey pizzeria.
News 12 New Jersey’s Brian Donohue took issue with Cardi B’s post, because he says it continues that narrative that anything good in New Jersey is not actually from New Jersey.
But Cardi B may not be alone in denying that she is living in New Jersey.
“Whenever I travel outside of this area, I tell people I’m from New York,” one New Jersey resident told Donohue. “It’s easier than saying North Jersey, sometimes. And then I’ll specify New Jersey.”
Donohue said he felt betrayed by this notion and told the young woman that she needs to eat more pork roll to get back to her Jersey roots.
“You have to defend it,” Donohue said.
Cardi B’s new house was reportedly valued at just under $6 million.