Rallies to keep immigrant families together held in NJ

Immigration advocates held three rallies in New Jersey Thursday focusing on keeping families together.
Similar rallies were held across the country Thursday.
The rallies come after reports that children are being separated from their parents and placed into camps after coming across the United States border illegally. It has been reported that about 1,400 children have been taken since October.
Hinds Plaza in Princeton was the location of one of the rallies held Thursday. The demonstrators say that they are opposed to the Trump administration policy that calls for zero tolerance at the U.S. border. All families who cross illegally are prosecuted and the families are separated.
“I can just imagine as a father how terrifying that is…for their child to be separated,” says Pastor Sammy Arroyo.
“The kids are in individual cells. They look like dog shelter-style cells. They’re separated from people who speak their language,” says protester Adriana Abizadeh.
But the White House says Democrats are responsible for changing the nation's immigration laws.
Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders says that Democrats "have refused to come to the table and be part of a solution."
The Department of Homeland Security says that it does not have a policy for separating families, but says it is increasing referrals for prosecution.
The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.