PUMP PATROL: Record-high gas prices pinching motorists, especially those who drive for a living

Record-high gas prices are pinching motorists at the pump all over New Jersey, but especially those who drive for a living – such as ride-share and tractor-trailer drivers.
Len Komstead is a route sales specialist, driving from store to store. He says the higher gas prices are eating into his earnings.
"They're hurting where if people like myself get paid by the mile, the more the gas goes up and if the mileage price doesn't go up, it's starting to come out of our wallets,” says Komstead.
But there are places that are trying to lessen the load. With gas prices at $4.29, the QuickChek in Hackensack has gas prices that are 10 cents cheaper than the average across the Garden State. The gas chain is also trying to help drivers across the tri-state area with a free cup of coffee every Friday.
"So, how they can get involved, very simply, they can download our app and every Friday, they will have our free coffee,” says QuickChek store leader Monika Simakoska.
Drivers who spoke with News 12 are glad the gas station is trying to give customers some relief.
"I'm happy they're giving away free coffee,” says Kamille Roberts, of Irvington. “I'm happy that the gas is only $4.29. I drove up here to fill up and I said oh, yes."
"Free Coffee Fridays" at Quickchek will continue through the end of April. Experts say the price of gas should peak this weekend, and costs should come down next week.
The state average for a gallon of gas held at $4.38 -- higher than the national average, though it only went up about a penny overnight. The national average for a gallon of gas sits at $4.33.
Last week, drivers were paying almost 50 cents less to fill up their car in the state.