PUMP PATROL: Gas prices seem to increase every day. But is it price gouging?

As the price of gasoline continues to skyrocket across New Jersey, some are asking if gas station owners are price gouging.
The average price of gas in New Jersey is currently $4.37 per gallon – up from $3.89 per gallon one week ago. Gas prices have increased by nearly $1 since last month.
The price increase has left some to believe that retailers are taking advantage of the consumers and illegally upping the price of gas. But News 12 New Jersey has learned that there is nothing illegal about it.
New Jersey’s price gouging laws only go into effect when there is a state of emergency. The law prohibits excessive price increases during a declared state of emergency and then 30 days after it ends.
But there is not currently a state of emergency in New Jersey, so retailers are permitted to increase the price of fuel as they see fit.
Drivers who think a particular station’s gas price is too high, are free to find a better deal elsewhere.
While the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, the United States is likely to continue to see gas prices go up for the time being.