PUMP PATROL: Average NJ gas prices rose again overnight. Could you be paying $6 a gallon soon?

Average gas prices in New Jersey rose another few cents overnight and are now approaching the $5 a gallon mark, but it doesn't seem to be slowing down drivers in New Jersey as we approach Memorial Day weekend. 
AAA predicts more than 936,000 residents from New Jersey will drive at least 50 miles over the holiday. Air travel is also projected to be up this year -- it's about a 5% increase over 2021 despite gas prices on average costing $1.50 higher than a year ago. Air travel is expected to increase around 23%. 
Some industry experts predict $6 a gallon gas is not out of the question due to the ongoing war in Ukraine and supply and demand. 
According to JP Morgan, gas prices could increase by another 37% come August. That would be $6.20 on average nationwide.  
People on social media told News 12’s Jim Murdoch that they're trying gas-saving tactics like combining their errand runs. Some said they bought electric scooters. Others planned to cut back on trips to the Jersey Shore.  
Many people are saying the prices are simply not sustainable.