Psychologist: It may take children time to get used to not wearing a mask

New Jersey’s indoor school mask mandate ended earlier this week, which means many children are now getting used to not having to wear a mask.
A child psychologist tells News 12 New Jersey that children are adjusting to this in one of two ways – either they are happy to have the mask off or they still want to wear it.
"Since the pandemic has been going on for so long, the mask is part of their routine. So, when I get ready for school, I put on my coat, put on my mask, and we go to school,” says William Paterson University psychology professor Amy Learmonth. “Monday when some of the masks came off, that was a violation of that routine. I put on my shoes. I put on my coat. Where's my mask?"
She says that it could take a few weeks before kids are fully used to not wearing a mask in school.