Sheriff: 9 people arrested during protest near Bergen County Jail

Multiple people were arrested outside the Bergen County Jail as protests against ICE turned violent.  
Police arrested nine people as they clashed with protesters outside the Bergen County Jail on Saturday. 
Bergen County Sheriff Anthony Cureton said the gathering became disorderly as protesters were asked multiple times to vacate jail property, and says they were throwing bricks and pepper-spraying officers. 
"What occurred yesterday was not a peaceful protest. It was not a productive act of political expression," said Bergen County Sheriff Anthony Cureton.
Demonstrators allege that police responded to peaceful protest with violence.
Since Nov. 20, demonstrators have been taking part in daily protests against the detainment of illegal immigrants at the Bergen Couty Jail and support for those detainees who are participating in a hunger strike. 
Video shows protesters being moved by police, some falling to the ground.
According to authorities, 92% of the detainees in Bergen County Jail have been convicted of a crime including murder, sexual assault and distribution of narcotics. They also say Bergen County Jail will only accept those who have been convicted of a crime.
It is estimated by protesters that nearly 200 people are being detained by ICE at Bergen County facilities. 
Peaceful demonstrations continued through the day Sunday in front of the jail without any incident. 
Sheriff Cureton denies using tear gas to disperse the crowd, instead saying it was tactical smoke.