Proposed 11-mile biking trail would connect Jersey City to Montclair

There is a proposal to build an 11-mile bike and walking trail by converting an abandoned railway into a passive greenway.
The trail would connect Jersey City and Montclair and would follow a vacant railroad route. It would pass through eight towns, including Glen Ridge, Bloomfield and Newark.
"People want to get out of their cars to commute. This is, in many ways, a social justice issue,” says Northeast Land senior director Dene Lee. “People don't always have cars, and this is an opportunity for people to move between economic centers to jobs or whatever. It's an opportunity to for people to use a resource that's there for exercise and outdoor recreation."
If the plan moves forward, Hudson and Essex counties are planning to pay $65 million for the stretch of land.
Lee says that a project like this could potentially be eligible for funding through President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure bill.