Professional theaters in New Jersey may thrive as Broadway remains dark

Professional theaters in New Jersey are still wrestling with when they might reopen for live performance, but some are predicting that the theaters may thrive when the reopen as Broadway announces it will remain dark until at least the end of May 2021.
The New Jersey Theater Alliance represents 31 professional theaters that produce plays and musicals in the Garden State. Executive director John McEwen says that the local nature of their audiences is a factor when it comes to coronavirus concerns.
“Those audience are coming from a very specific region where that theater is located,” he says.
Another major difference is that Broadway is for-profit and relies on ticket sales to make revenue. Regional theaters are nonprofit and receive grants and donations that can help cover the cost while audience sizes remain at 25%.
McEwen says more New Jersey theaters are likely to step out in the new year with live and live-streamed performances as they work out protocols for audiences and with performer unions.