Professional says more New Jerseyans putting up Christmas lights earlier than normal

New Jerseyans may be noticing this year people putting up Christmas lights on their houses a lot earlier than normal, and News 12's Brian Donohue caught up with a professional Christmas lights installer to get to the bottom of it.
Rich Johns is a professional Christmas lights installer, and owns a Middlesex-based franchise of Christmas décor, a professional holiday light installation company.
The company does one thing: Christmas displays, and in 25 years in this business, there has never been anything close to 2020.
“It's the best year we ever had,” says Johns. “Yes, COVID crazed Kris Kringles and going bigger and earlier with their displays than ever. Some customers may have canceled vacations, so they're decorating home to cheer things up; some people are just tired of lockdown and need to add more merry.”
Donohue has always been adamantly opposed to rushing past his favorite holiday, which is Thanksgiving, and putting the decorations up too early.
“Customers that normally would chase me away before Thanksgiving and not want to see anything on their house are putting up wreaths, garlands and we were lighting them up the first week in November.”
Donohue says he guesses this year, he’ll make an exception and just lighten up.