Princeton University drops Woodrow Wilson's name from school

Princeton University is removing President Woodrow Wilson's name from the school amid the fight for racial justice across the country and in New Jersey.
Wilson College and the School of Public and International Policy will no longer be named after President Wilson. The school cites what they say are his racist views and policies.
Under President Wilson, federal officers were re-segregated after they had been integrated for decades
A group of students first fought to remove Wilson's name in 2015, but the board didn't budge. Now in the wake of the death of George Floyd and others and during renewed calls for racial justice, the changes will go into effect.
Princeton University President Christopher L. Eisgruber wrote in a letter to students that Wilson, who was president of the university and governor of New Jersey, had racist views that were significant and consequential even for that time.
Eisgruber wrote in part, "Princeton honored Wilson not because of, but without regard to or perhaps even in ignorance of, his racism. That is ultimately the problem. Princeton is part of an America that has too often disregarded, ignored, or excused racism."
Monmouth University also voted to remove Wilson's name from the Marquis. In Camden, a committee has formed to find a new name for Woodrow Wilson High School.