President Trump held fundraising event in New Jersey hours before COVID-19 diagnosis

President Donald Trump held a fundraising event at the Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster just hours before he announced that he tested positive for COVID-19.
Since the president’s diagnosis, some have wondered if he was showing any signs of the virus at the event and what it might mean for those who attended.
One of the guests at Thursday’s event was Republican Senate candidate Rik Mehta.
“It was a beautiful event. Really, nicely put together. We were outdoors, socially distanced,” Mehta says.
Mehta says that the president seemed to be in good health and full of energy.
“He was sprightful like I said. And it was unrushed…going around the room, allowing for people ask their questions. And he took time to answer them,” Mehta says.
Mehta says the event took place outdoors.
“When I say ‘room,’ I mean in the audience, to ask questions,” he says.
But that description isn’t 100% accurate. Most of the event – the $2,800-a-head reception, was held outdoors. But there was also an indoor roundtable meeting with Trump for premium donors who were willing to pay $250,000 per seat.
Dr. Rich Roberts – a pharmaceutical executive from Lakewood – recorded a video description of the event.
“There were 19 of us. And we were in a table set up to make a rectangular formation. So, here was President Trump and I was directly across from him over one seat,” Roberts stated in his video.
Roberts recorded the video Thursday night, before the president’s positive COVID-19 test. Like Mehta, Roberts disagrees with some reports that Trump seemed lethargic.
“I found the president to be in top spirits, full of fighting energy,” Roberts said.
The Trump campaign sent out emails to donors at the event to tell them about the president’s positive test and to remind them that he was never within 6 feet of anyone.
Mehta says that he and his wife were socially distant from the president. But he says that out of caution, they will probably get tested anyway.
Gov. Phil Murphy has urged all of the people who attended the event to self-quarantine and get tested.