Preparations underway at the Meadowlands for 2026 FIFA World Cup

An event was held Friday for businesses in the region to discuss all things World Cup and what it would mean for the area.

Naomi Yané

Mar 22, 2024, 9:54 PM

Updated 26 days ago


FIFA World Cup 26 is still two years away, but preparations are already underway at the Meadowlands. Local businesses big and small are all hoping to see a boost in profits.
The Meadowlands will be hosting eight FIFA World Cup games, one of those being a final. Compared to the amount of preparation needed and attendance, it's like hosting eight Super Bowls.
The games are expected to draw at least 1 million more people to the region. From transportation to lodging to entertainment and dining, businesses in this region could stand to see some $3 billion in tourism money.
Randall Willms owns and operates Minuteman Limousine and Car Service, a small family-run car service that was started by his great-grandmother in the 1930s. He and other business owners like him hope to leverage the World Cup coming to New Jersey so they can see a little green.
"What I'm hoping for is an influx of people that need rides, customers, exposure,” Willms says.
Friday was the first official prep event for businesses in the region and big talking points were bringing Word Cup experiences to the local communities and of course, transportation.
"We're taking leaders from different transit agencies around the world on how they dealt with the World Cup or the Olympics. Lessons learned, best practices,” says Kevin Corbett, president and CEO of NJ Transit. “We have a lot of planning, a lot of good stuff going on here to make sure not just that we do it well but that the real fan experience begins when you get on an NJT train or bus and that people feel safe and secure and having a good time.”
The attendance at each World Cup game was likened to one Super Bowl game. New Jersey is anticipating some 700,000 fans in the stands over the eight games, which will surely translate to revenue for local businesses.

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