Excessive heat warning in effect for parts of New Jersey through this evening.

Possible coastal storm could bring rain or snow this weekend to New Jersey

Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Scott Sincoff takes a first look at a possible weekend storm coming to New Jersey.

Scott Sincoff

Jan 2, 2024, 5:39 PM

Updated 197 days ago


Rain or snow may impact the Garden State Saturday and Sunday bringing possible wintry weather and hazardous travel.
A coastal storm can move offshore of New Jersey Saturday afternoon through Monday morning creating wintry precipitation of snow and rain across parts of the state. There is the possibility of both rain and snow across New Jersey. The likelihood of rain is best south and east of the NJ Turnpike.
Many parts of the state may end up seeing both types Saturday through Sunday; the specific timing will be better known Friday. At this time, the storm leaves more questions than answers. It all depends on where the center of the storm goes offshore - either close to the coast or further east. The timing, where the storm sets up, when it moves in - all those factors play a role in how the possible storm may impact us.

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