Positively New Jersey: The search for a state bird that better reps Jersey’s moxie

Should New Jersey get a new state bird?

Aug 24, 2022, 10:24 PM

Updated 661 days ago


Should New Jersey get a new state bird?
The American goldfinch, also long known as the eastern goldfinch, has held the title since 1935.
But is a cute, diminutive, little seedeater really a good representation of a state whose people pride themselves on being bold and brassy?
Wouldn't we be better represented by a more boisterous, yet handsome, tough and scrappy highflier like the laughing gull?
On today's episode of Brian's Positively New Jersey, Brian Donohue makes the case for why New Jersey should "fire the finch" and go with a bird that more New Jerseyans can probably relate to.

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