Positively New Jersey: The Jackson Pines help resurrect true Jersey folk music

It's a rainy Friday night in an old house located in the woods of Jackson Township.
A wood fire roars in the stove as four Jersey musicians belt out genuine New Jersey folk songs that had nearly faded into history.
The Jackson Pines, a New Jersey folk rock band who have recorded and performed their own songs since forming in 2016, just released Pine Barrens Volume 1, a collection of songs with deep roots in New Jersey.
Many of the songs come from a collection of recordings made by a Rutgers University professor in the late 1980s - an attempt to get them down on tape before they disappeared forever.
On today's episode of "Brian's Positively New Jersey,” Brian Donohue sits down with the Jackson Pines to hear how they re-discovered true Jersey folk music and made it their own.