Positively New Jersey: Rocking out with ‘Shorty Long’ and the Jersey Horns

There are few New Jersey experiences more sublime than hearing a great band in a Jersey Shore boardwalk bar on a perfect summer evening. It's a ritual that's long been a celebration of fleeting Jersey summers.
But then, throw in this: a lead singer with a presence so compelling and a story so inspiring it reminds you that you're seeing something totally unique.
That's what you get when Ricky Tisch, aka "Shorty Long" rolls into town with the Jersey Horns.
Tisch was born with a condition called osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease) that stunted his growth. Wheelchair-bound, he took up piano at 5 years old. For the past two decades, he has led one of the most well-known cover bands, playing 200 nights a year with no signs of stopping.
On today's episode of "Brian's Positively New Jersey," Brian spends time with Ricky Tisch as Shorty Long and the Jersey Horns bring down the house at their home club, the Beachcomber in Seaside Heights. It's a story as Positively New Jersey as they come.