Positively New Jersey: As the pandemic pushed city dwellers to the burbs, some sought professional advice

The pandemic sparked a large wave of New York City residents to look for more space in the suburbs of New Jersey and other places. News 12's Brian Donohue discovered that many of them are being advised by professionals who helped them find their new “little town.” 
He spoke with Jodi Gresham, of Suburban Jungle, who helped Julia Usherenko and her husband, Stan, plan their move with their two kids from their cramped Brooklyn apartment to the burbs of Jersey.
The company was started in the early 2000s by Allison Bernstein, who moved from New York to New Jersey and realized she could have used a service to help them pick the perfect suburban town. 
They now operate in 10 regions, including Austin, Chicago, San Francisco and Florida. 
The company charges no fees to its clients. Instead, it receives a referral commission from real estate agents once a client buys a home.