Positively New Jersey: 2022 was a year to remember in the Garden State

News 12's Brian Donohue travels the state from top to bottom looking for stories usually not seen elsewhere. Every year he looks back at his favorite.

Dec 31, 2022, 1:37 AM

Updated 570 days ago


2022 - It was the year I finally climbed Snake Hill in the Meadowlands.
Finally toured the LaMonica Fine Foods scungilli canning facility in Millville.
Finally carried out my idea to host a water pistol re-enactment of the Hamilton-Burr duel on the Weehawken cliffs.
And, amazingly, watched the St. Peter's University men's basketball team advance to the NCAA Elite Eight.
And that just scratches the surface of a year that flew by like the blur of traffic past the Jon Bon Jovi (I'm still calling it Cheesequake) Service Area.
The depth and variety of stories I did for "Brian's Positively New Jersey" this year begs the question – “Just how much can you fit into just one short year, in one small state?"
As I look back on another year exploring all things positively New Jersey, I realize the answer is pretty mind-blowing.
News 12 New Jersey presents the annual "Brian's Positively New Jersey Year in Review,” a highlight reel of some of my favorite moments - and hopefully some of yours - from the past 12 months.
It's hard to imagine 2023 as full of amazing stories as the year that just passed. But then again, that's exactly what I said to myself last year. Happy New Year!

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