Positively Jersey: 'Tattoo Bob' paints shark graffiti near site of infamous shark attacks

The most famous shark attacks in history occurred in Matawan 105 years ago this week - and a man decided to risk breaking the law to make sure that at least those who travel the back roads through town can't miss it.
A graffiti mural on the railroad trestle over Matawan Creek was painted by "Tattoo Bob." The mural sits 100 yards or so from the site of the most infamous shark attacks in history, where a shark attacked 11-year-old Lester Stillwell, who was swimming with friends, then 23-year-old Stanley Fisher - who had gone to search for him.
The shark then attacked a 14-year-old boy in Cliffwood Beach, who survived. The Matawan attacks came days after two fatal shark attacks in Beach Haven and Spring Lake.
The town of Matawan has always had an uneasy relationship with this legacy, torn between ignoring the tragedy or blatantly cashing in like Salem, Massachusetts does with its witch trial history.
That's changed somewhat in recent years with new monuments, but the site itself remains inaccessible from land and unmarked - at least, until Tattoo Bob showed up.
He remained anonymous before coming forward this week in an interview with Weird NJ magazine, saying he was prepared to take credit for the creation as well as punishment.
That railroad trestle lies on the boarder of Aberdeen and Matawan and is the property of NJ Transit.