Port Authority: Traffic at bridges and tunnels back to near pre-pandemic levels

Drivers may have noticed that traffic has increased over the last few months.
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey confirmed this Friday, stating that traffic at the agency’s bridges and tunnels has returned to pre-pandemic levels.
The agency says its four bridges and two tunnels handled a total of 9.9 million eastbound vehicles last month. This is up 3.2% over the last month. It is almost at the same levels as the pre-pandemic March 2019 level.
Volume at area airports is also up by 35% over the last month, but 83% of where it was before COVID-19 shut down the airports.
PATH ridership is up 31% from February, but March’s ridership was still half of what it was before the pandemic.
Less traffic may have been good for travelers, but not for the Port Authority’s bottom line. The agency is on track to meet a predicted $3 billion revenue loss.