Popular Jersey Shore bar mentioned as example of why restaurants need 10 p.m. curfew

A popular Jersey Shore bar and restaurant was called out by Gov. Phil Murphy and Health Commissioner Judith Persichili as an example of why restaurants and bars need a 10 p.m. curfew on indoor dining. Leggetts Sand Bar in Manasquan was singled out at the governor's Monday COVID-19 briefing after reporting an outbreak of the virus at the location.
Legetts manager Paul Wolf spoke with News 12 New Jersey about the governor's new restrictions. 
Wolf says that the restaurant is struggling to make ends meet at 25% capacity, and he also feels his restaurant was mentioned because of the popularity of the bar. Wolf also addressed the reports of an outbreak at the establishment.
“Several employees had attended a party and one of them had symptoms, got tested and required all employees to get tested and that's when we found out several of our employees had COVID,” says Wolf.
Wolf says that it hasn't been determined if the positive cases came from the bar or the party.
“It hasn't been told to us by the health officials, or state, if anyone who contracted it got it while they were here,” says Wolf.
The comments come a day after Percichilli mentioned Leggetts as an example of why bars must now close down indoor dining at 10 p.m. 
"Due to multiple cases linked to the establishment, and then we went on to identify anyone who visited Leggetts Sand Bar between the dates of Oct. 17 and 22 may have been exposed to COVID-19," says Persichilli. "The Monmouth County Health Department is actively investigating these cases and exposures. They conducted a site visit on Oct. 23, and the restaurant is cooperating."
Wolf says they maintained compliance, despite a photo showing crowded conditions inside taken back in September.
“I know the photo you're referring to because I saw your report this morning that was one of the days I was off,” says Wolf. “I came in to work the night. I came in and tried to disperse people as best as possible. We closed everything down until we could comply with the 25%.
Wolf says they do feel unfairly targeted because someone can catch the virus at work, home, or at a big box store, but then just as easily put the blame on a restaurant. Wolf says the infected employees have all recovered. Leggetts did reopen for indoor and outdoor dining several days ago.