Poll: 4 in 10 New Jerseyans say they won’t get vaccinated against COVID-19

A new study finds that some New Jersey residents won’t get a COVID-19 vaccine when one becomes available.
A Rutgers-Eagleton poll found that 4 in 10 New Jerseyans “probably” or “definitely” won’t get vaccinated against the virus, which has killed 14,817 state residents since March.
Among those reluctant to get the vaccine, 80% said that they were concerned about the side effects, while 82% said that they needed more information about the vaccine.
Those who said that they would “definitely” or “probably” get the vaccine said that it depends on how the vaccine is described. Respondents are most enthusiastic when the vaccine is described as "safe and effective,” according to the poll.
Several pharmaceutical companies are currently working on a vaccine for COVID-19. Vaccines created by Pfizer and Moderna have both been said to have over 90% effectiveness rates at preventing the virus.