Police warn about alligator sighting in Middlesex

Middlesex police and the state Department of Environmental Protection Conservation Police are trying to track down an alligator that they say is on the loose.
Police say a small alligator, estimated to be 3 to 4 feet in length, was last seen in Ambrose Brook in Piscataway. They say the reptile submerged and has not been seen since. However, local residents told News 12 New Jersey the alligator was spotted Monday morning.
Authorities also say Victor Crowell Park will be closed for at least 72 hours. They also say an officer opened fire after spotting the alligator in Ambrose Brook over the weekend.
There is no word yet on how the alligator got into the brook.
Police are warning residents to not capture the alligator on their own. If observed, contact the Middlesex Police Department at 732-356-1900, ext. 0 or dial 911.