Police: Venomous copperhead snake bites man in Paterson

A Paterson man is recovering after a venomous copperhead snake bit him over the weekend.
Paterson police say the incident happened Saturday near River Street Park, along the Passaic River.
Paterson Police Director Jerry Speziale says that the man was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital to be given the vaccine to counteract the venom. He is expected to be OK.
State wildlife officials took the snake away.
Speziale says that venomous snakes, mostly copperheads, are known to be in the area. There are 22 species of snakes that can still be found in New Jersey, according to the Division of Fish and Wildlife.
State officials say that anyone bitten by a venomous snake should seek medical attention immediately. They should wash the bite with soap and water and keep the bitten areas lower than their heart. They should not attempt to draw the venom from the wound, cut the wound or apply ice to the wound.
It is illegal to own a venomous snake as a pet in New Jersey.