Police: Vehicle slams into home, causing serious damage, before taking off

A vehicle smashed into a house Thursday night in Freehold Township, causing serious damage to the home, before taking off and driving away.
The crash happened at the home located at 1 Tuscan Drive around 11:45 p.m.
The homeowner says he was not home at the time, but his daughter was. He says she heard a loud bang and by the time she made it outside, the vehicle was gone.
Neighbors say it was a black vehicle that struck the mailbox, then the house, and then took off. They say that they were stunned by the amount of damage to the home.
"We didn't look at it until this morning and I was walking the dog and there's some serious damage - structural damage,” says neighbor Frank Fabiano. “I’m surprised anybody could pull away with that kind of damage."
Anyone with information is asked to contact Freehold Township Police Attention Officer Sean Foley at 733-462-7908 Ext. 6262.