Police: 7 teens charged in connection to trespassing onto Wyckoff farm, entering petting zoo

The Wyckoff Police Department has announced seven teenagers have been charged in connection to an incident at a farm in town, where reports say several people had trespassed on their property and entered the petting zoo.
The incident happened back on Aug. 22 at Abma's Farm.
Following an investigation, charges of trespassing, criminal mischief, and overloading animals were filed against three 17-year-old males from Wyckoff, three 17-year-old females from Oradell, and one 18-year-old male from Wyckoff.
According to officials, at least one of the trespassers climbed onto a miniature donkey and posted a photo on Snapchat. Veterinarians say small donkeys should not be carrying more than 50 pounds. The person who posted the photo tagged the Abma's Farm location, and that’s how the owners found out.
The group of teens got away after breaking into the petting zoo.
Abma Farms has close to 60 animals, including ducks, goats, pigs, rabbits, sheep, ponies and alpacas.