Police: 4 teens arrested for vandalizing fences in Smithtown

Four teenagers are accused of vandalizing multiple properties in Smithtown early Sunday.
Suffolk County police say that the vandalism occurred on Lindron Avenue around 2 a.m.
They say the fences of at least two homes were damaged by four 18-year-old men.
Officers responded after receiving a 911 call from a resident that their fence was vandalized. They say they located a 2015 Ram pickup truck with the four men inside and identified them as the suspects.
The suspects have been identified as Andrew Pipitone and Diego Silvera, of Smithtown; and Christopher Scott and Brian Apulstille, of Hauppauge.
The teenagers were arrested and charged with criminal mischief.
They will have to appear in court at a later date.
Police say there could be more victims of vandalism.
Anyone who believes they may be a victim can call the Fourth Precinct Crime Section at 631-854-8426.